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Star Ashley's sanctuary
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Deep end

I eat hardship for breakfast and then stress for dinner,
Nothing good happens whether you're a saint or sinner.
I used to find any form of inspiration
But nowadays my energy is beyond expiration.
My life only gets harder everyday
I'm not encouraged by what other people say.
They don't know anything, they lack so much wisdom
They even live lives far from God's Kingdom.
I want to be away from all idiocy and responsibility.
I just want to indulge in everything that makes me happy.
Instead I'm around people and situations that make me sad or mad.
My mind corrupts and I think of doing evil and bad.
Daily, I finish my responsibilities in a hurry
Because I despise wasting my precious time and money
Especially on things that really won't benefit my happiness.
Really I know, life resulted my deep selfishness.
Sometimes I think it's such a shame, what I've become.
It's not so different to what I would classify as dumb.
Everyday. I always thought that I would be better off dead.
But God keeps saving me from going to the deep end.
Copyright Star Ashley Cruz
Dec. 24 2017
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