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Star Ashley's sanctuary
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Friday, June 22, 2018

From strangers to kin

I hate everything, even my relatives and family,
I hate the very existence of anybody.
What if I go crazy? What if I’m mad?
I might kill everyone right at hand.
I can’t help it, I know I’m selfish,
Be away from people is always a wish.
Jesus used to keep me from being insane
But it keeps going – my troubles and pain.
In a split second, I gathered more than one thought,
My worries for everything is what I fought.
Why, my God have you created me?
When I am stuck in a worthless family?
It’s hard for me to be nice to the people around me,
When all their dirt is what I experience and see.
I’m too tired just to be considerate,
Why aren’t you helping me strengthen my faith?
I’m not blaming you about everything,
But look at my life, what’s happening?
My father’s dead and my mother grows old and weaker,
And a constant drunkard of a brother.
I hate everything from strangers to kin,
My mask of a face is wearing thin.
I’ll write these down through pen and paper.
Help me God before I resort to murder.
Copyright Star Ashley Cruz
June 23, 2018

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