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Thursday, July 7, 2016

How the word of God nourishes us

How the word of God nourishes us
This is from the series: Fundamentals of the Christian life (Read the word; Chapter 4 – Life in the word)
What is the purpose of the Bible?
It sustains us in our relationship with God.
  • “Sustain” means: to maintain; to keep, support or nourish.The Bible is like our vitamins! The Bible is also like water for those who get tired from walking. It’s similar to our walk with God!
  1. Read the Word daily
How did you develop the discipline and devotion for God’s word?
-Personally, reading was easy because I like to read. the discipline for daily devotion began when I have started to receive a seed which was planted within me. I was eager to know more about Christ! What fueled me to keep doing it despite life’s difficult circumstances was my gratitude towards my salvation. Also, God has been faithful in my life so I wanted to be faithful to him as well.
2. Receive nourishment from the word
What is nourishment? Why is it so important?
-To nourish is to feed; to support; to foster; to educate. The word of God is not just our spiritual food, but also it is our source of wisdom-we learn from it.
3. Know Jesus through the word
What is one thing you’ve learned about Jesus through the Bible? How has this helped you grow in your relationship with him?
-I’ve learned many things about Jesus in the Bible. But the one that struck the most is that even before everything, He was already there. In the beginning there’s God’s word, and he himself is the word. This helped me grow in my relationship with him because I knew that Jesus is God. He is powerful beyond human understanding. He is sovereign and omnipresent. This means he’s always with me in my life.
God is composed of three O’s:
  • Omnipotent – having unlimited power
  • Omnipresent – state or quality of being everywhere present
  • Omniscient – knowing all things.
note that omni is a prefix meaning “all”
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