Star Ashley's sanctuary

Star Ashley's sanctuary
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Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Maiden Dream

More the six years into the relationship, we’re going strong,
Please don’t let anything go gravely wrong.
For you are the one who planted this desire in my heart,
You are the Lord and my Father right from the start.
Our journey seems like it is taking so long,
But I’m sure you’re creating in us a beautiful love song.
After all, you’re the one who brought us together,
Keep our love blooming like then, now and forever.
Hardships and sorrows may be inevitable,
But your promises are more so unbreakable.
Please grant us your grace into having our own vows,
Help us someday build our home and not just a house.
A tire goes by, I am growing older,
The fire in my soul is getting colder,
Trials and difficulties are causing me to lose hope,
I need you every day in my life to cope.
Let your love cast out any fear,
You know the weight of my every tear.
You alone can grant favor and provision we need.
You know every prayer of mine before you even take heed.

Star Ashley Cruz

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