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Star Ashley's sanctuary
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Friday, July 22, 2016

My upcoming birthday

R.I.P. (Radical. Immortal. Poetry.)
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It’s coming, this day of inconvenience,
This day I was born what a coincidence.
I can’t afford to be happy and celebrate,
I’m destined to die, that is my fate.
If only I can run away from everything,
My family and friends cared for nothing.
Slowly, they too suffocate me,
I’m turning into a walking tragedy.

Lord where are you? Will you come to my aid?
Before my abilities start to fade.
For life is too much for me to bear.
Let me know you still care.
How I yearn for the better days,
When I wasn’t such a hopeless case.
Because lately I yearn to be relieved from my amounting sorrow.
Will I be happy the day after tomorrow?
Copy right Star Ashley Cruz
July 23 2016
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