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Star Ashley's sanctuary
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Friday, July 8, 2016

war mentality

Winning doesn’t always accompany victory,
There are times it just brings melancholy.
In every conflict, war is not always the answer
Because in the end, it only brings a disaster.
It may be war among countries and lands,
Fighting by sword is death by the hands
Of people hungry for another person’s blood.
War is from the people and never from God.
Peace on earth, it can never be found,
Even in my mind, it’s not always sound.
In the house, the country and society,
There is always a war mentality.
Living and dead; young and old,
There’s a conflict and a side that’s told.
Skin color, religion and financial class,
All relationships become a shattered glass.
June 28 2016
Copyright Star Ashley Cruz
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