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Star Ashley's sanctuary
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

On the edge

I think I already have zero drive,
I no longer enjoy being alive.
Everyday I don't feel or see my future
I have no time or money for endless pleasure.
People who don't know God are drowning in luxury,
Yet the opposite is what's happening to me.
Inconvenience, acrimony and frustration,
I hope this won't lead me to depression.
My mind is always on the edge,
Not to kill anybody is my pledge.
But I'm so tired of pretending to be happy,
It makes me want to stab everybody.
I know I'm blessed but I still feel half empty,
For good things are less and the bad is plenty.
Don't leave me God, in my time of need,
In my prayers I need you to heed.
Copyright Star Ashley Cruz
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