Star Ashley's sanctuary

Star Ashley's sanctuary
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Monday, July 11, 2016

In-charge of tomorrow

Some say I'm wasting my bachelor's degree
But they didn't think of what happened to me.
Those jobs that had additional this and that,
Tire me out, don't ask why I never get fat.
Suddenly the blessing of work becomes a curse to me,
I kept looking forward to retirement but I'm only twenty-three.
If only I stayed in the age below ten
Maybe my better days would keep me then.
I miss the days I was spoiled with riches
But now that wealth has turned to ashes.
I miss the days there was nothing to dread
And only joyful thoughts filled my head.
Ranting and sulking, I always feel like a failure.
But still I keep gaining confidence in my savior.
I'll keep holding on, even though life brings me sorrow.
After all, God's the one in-charge of my tomorrow.
Copyright Star Ashley Cruz
Written July 11 2016
R.I.P. (Radical. Immortal. Poetry.)
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