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Star Ashley's sanctuary
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Friday, August 26, 2016

Sleeping for an eternity

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Hello Lord, do you remember me?
I'm the girl who puts herself into poetry.
I'm running out of things to keep living for,
My hopes and dreams are becoming vapor.
I'm always tired and hungry,
And the weather's not helping me.
Everywhere I go there's an inconvenience
So I question my very own existence.
You gave me a blessing, but it has a twin curse?
Each day my life feels heavy and worse.
I knocked many times on heaven's door,
I ask you what on earth am I here for?
I'm sorry Lord, I'm drowning in despair,
And nobody around me seems to care.
My hopes and dreams are dying with me.
I feel like sleeping for an eternity.
Written august 27, 2016
Copyright Star Ashley Cruz

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